Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

J.D. Collett

Marine Combat Veteran having served multiple tours in Vietnam. While in Vietnam, he received 2 Purple Heart Awards. He has been in the trenches helping veterans for more than a decade. While continuing to fight his personal battles with PTSD since returning home from war; he finds victory in participating in continuing education through gaining certifications, and in turn teaching others on his findings on the long-lasting effects of battle.
He understands the damage to the Veteran's mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as the destructive impact on his/her loved ones. In 2010, he began opening up Veteran Residences for our homeless Vets. To date, we have 9 Veteran Residences established where our once homeless Vets now have a home and a family of Veteran Brothers. We are also working hard to put an end to the tragedy of 22 Veteran Suicides a day. SEMPER FI

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Vice President

Nicholas Alwan

Air Force Combat Veteran having served in OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) as a Forward Air Controller. As a TACP, he has seen first hand the tremendous responsibility Battlefield Airman have in filling vacancies overseas every 3-6 months by being in a critically manned specialty. The Army, Marine Corp, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard are no different in the continuation of mass deployments. This realization inspires the need to bridge the gap between military branches as we come together to combat a common battle of PTSD. Upon attending the PTSD program in Waco Texas, he has found a calling and a passion to assist other veterans suffering from the same diagnosis.


Marketing Director

Mark Stark

A US Navy Veteran of 22-1/2-years. During Mark’s Naval career, he served as the Medical Department Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO) and the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) Director.

He served in Desert Storm, Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Enduring Freedom (OEF) and six major deployments overseas. He served a three-year tour in Puerto Rico as a Security Patrolman, member of the Special Response Team (SRT) and a Physical Security Inspector.

Mark started his marketing and public speaking career when he served as "Recruiter-In-Charge" of a small Navy recruiting station in Union City, TN, helping him become a course curriculum manager, facilitator and trainer for the Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention programs (NADAP), while assigned to the Drug and Alcohol Program Management Activity in Norfolk, VA.

Mark continues to serve East Texas on the Tyler Mayor’s Veteran’s Community Roundtable, the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce Veteran’s Committee, the Bullard Chamber of Commerce Red White & Blue Festival Committee, the East Texas Veterans Community Council (ETVCC) as a board member. He also serves as the Marketing Director for Carboard Heroes (Jacksonville, TX), and is a volunteer for the Lone Star Military Resource Group (Jacksonville, TX).