What other non-profit organizations do you work in association with?

Lone Star Military Resource Group, Operation True North US - www.otnus.com/ , Military Family Care Group, AIM (Abigail International Missions), Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Texas Veterans Ranch and Family Resort, Honor Veterans Now, Steel Hope Foundation, Bent Anchor Ranch

Do you come to a home or business to pick up donated goods such as furniture?

Yes we do!!

Can I bring my child with me to participate in volunteer work?

Yes! We admire bringing a family member along to contribute and learn the art of giving back. We ask that the child be atleast 5 years old.

How can I send a care package to a soldier who is deployed?


Does this organization assist and help veterans with VA care?

Yes, we assist the veteran in whichever processes are necessary to utilize the VA Health Care System as well as Veterans rights and services abroad.